The inventory of the city center is in progress. The collected data will be the basis for competitions and investments. Hajnówka Wita August 22, 2022
Inwentaryzacja centrum miasta

An inventory of the city center is in progress

The collected data will be the basis for competitions and investments
The condition of greenery, the type of street and pavement surfaces, and buildings. These elements of space are of interest to students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Białystok University of Technology, who, together with their tutors, have been making an inventory of the Hajnówka center since last week.

23 students take part in the project, who are undergoing internships in Hajnówka. Last week, they worked in the field, including processing the collected data. The inventory covers three areas of the city in total.

  • Białowieska and Parkowa Streets, up to 3 Maja Street and the vicinity of the Belarusian Cultural Center
  • The neighborhood of Dworcowa Street, in the vicinity of Hajnówka Centralna, between the tracks
  • Wierobieja Street with its surroundings, all the way to the kindergarten

The aim of the internship is to familiarize students with the methods of urban inventory, i.e. collecting information on the state of the existing architectural and urban space of the city and the methods of their development. Their task is to mark on the map all the existing elements of development, i.e. buildings, greenery, type of surface, small architecture. This is why there are urban inventory cards with a number of points that students complete during field visits.

prof. Halina Łapińska from the Białystok University of Technology, tutor of students

What they see on the spot, they put on maps received from the city. Thanks to such actions, the maps are updated. In addition, they make drawings of, for example, architectural elements or greenery, and photos. These, in turn, can be compared to previous resources and thus obtain a comparison of how Hajnówka has changed over the years.

Studenci architektury zwiedzają miasto

Geodetic maps concerning the area of Hajnówka Centralna need to be supplemented. There is a lot of greenery here, including old trees.

prof. Halina Łapińska

For students, field work is an interesting and necessary experience. And for the city, a big benefit. Of course, it is about the aforementioned map update, but not only. The collected data will be used to create local spatial development plans in the city. They will also be used in architectural competitions.

One of them is ART TIME, a competition for the development of the area around Hajnówka Centralna. The result is to be a project that best meets the needs of young people. Let us remind you that the competition is aimed at BUT architecture students, who, thanks to the suggestions of young Hajnówka residents, will create a project of a friendly space for them. The decision will take place in the fall.

The data from the inventory will also be used in the architectural competition for the New City Center. Preparations for its announcement are ongoing. Next week there will be a meeting with the architects on this matter. Both competitions will be held as part of the “Hajnówka Renewal – Green Transformation” project.

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