A pocket park will be established in Hajnówka Hajnówka Wita October 20, 2022
Prace nad koncepcją parków kieszonkowych. Trzy dziewczyny z mapą

A pocket park will be established in Hajnówka

The project will be developed by students of the faculty of architecture of the białystok university of technology

There are several locations in the city. They are located in various places – some are on busy streets, but also near schools and in the vicinity of multi-family residential buildings. The students have just completed an inventory of the site.

The dendrological inventory took place last Saturday. Several dozen students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Bialystok University of Technology came to Hajnówka. They were divided into groups and inventoried high and low greenery in the following places:

Prace nad koncepcją parków kieszonkowych. Dwoje ludzi pochyla się nad mapą Hajnówki. W tle zielony trawnik.
  • Lipowa Street, at the turn to the hospital
  • Wróblewskiego Street
  • Miron Chodakowski roundabout
  • Jana Pawła II roundabout, Wierobieja Street
  • At SP No. 1
  • Courtyard at Piłsudskiego Street (project office)
  • Piłsudskiego Street 50, in the vicinity of municipal blocks

The students counted the trees located in these locations, measured their circumference, height and diameter of the crown, and determined their species, age and condition. They will also make drawings and mark objects on maps.

The area we drew turned out to be a challenge. We came across small trees that basically resemble shrubs. They are much more difficult to measure than the large ones that have one trunk and a crown. Here you have to go inside to see how many smaller trunks it consists of, and then measure and draw it all.

members of the group working at Piłsudskiego Street 50
Prace nad koncepcją parków kieszonkowych. Trzy młode dziewczyny na tle jesiennego krajobrazu.
Prace nad koncepcją parków kieszonkowych. Młoda dziewczyna mierzy obwód pnia drzewa.

Students came as part of studying the subject: Architecture of landscape and green areas, they are in the fifth semester.

Their task will be to prepare a term paper: "Pocket parks for locations in Hajnówka". The city office indicated the locations for the project.

prof. Halina Łapińska, group leader

Pocket park is a part of “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation” project, which provides implementation of one pocket park. The aim of the project is tidying up the greenery in Hajnówka, hence the idea for the investment. What are pocket parks?

It is a small area of greenery, it is assumed that up to 1000 m², which is developed in such a way that it is useful. It is usually located in the vicinity of various facilities, e.g. service facilities, shops, offices or schools. It is a recreational space with various plantings and elements of small architecture.

prof. Halina Łapińska, group leader
Prace nad koncepcją parków kieszonkowych. Trzy młode dziewczyny pochylają się nad notatkami na tle jesiennych liści

The inventory of trees is behind us, the next step will be to work on the development concept and greenery design with the selection of plant species. The projects are expected to be completed by the end of February. For now, only one of them is planned, but it is possible that more will be built in Hajnówka in the future. It all depends on whether the city finds an external source of financing.


The aforementioned undertaking is the result of cooperation between the city hall and the Bialystok University of Technology. It is worth noting that the university and its students have supported the city not for the first time. As we reported, the ART TIME architectural competition is underway, the subject of which is to design the area around the former railway station. The projects are created by students. What are their proposals, we will find out soon.

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