New plantings in the city Hajnówka Wita June 30, 2023



Maple, bugle, as well as lavender and hydrangea – these plant species have recently been planted in the city. They appeared in three locations.

These are: in front of the city office on Zina Street, at the intersection of Bielska 3 Maja and Sportowa Streets, and at the intersection of Białostocka and T. Sołoniewicz Streets. This is another undertaking within the ‘Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation’ project.

These activities are part of the development program of Hajnówka. Their goal is to visually improve and make the central spaces of the city more attractive. it is more pleasant to stay in a nice environment.

Magdalena Chirko, head of the Development Department of the Hajnówka City Hall and project leader

It is worth noting that most of the plants are of native origin. These include phloxes, ground cover rose, creeping juniper, fescue, chrysanthemum or speedwell. In addition, lavender, platinum, hydrangea, hosta were planted.

This is not the only undertaking of this type within the project. As we reported, in the spring in kindergartens in Hajnówka, the campaign “Put a plant for grandchildren” was held, which met with great interest and a friendly reception from the residents.

Read more about the action in kindergartens.

Joint plantings proved to be a great element of intergenerational integration and encouraged the residents to get involved.

Magdalena Chirko

According to Magdalena Chirko, such activities are a good way to develop the inhabitants’ sensitivity to the issues of ecology and climate protection, build care for nature and educate about the basic processes of plant life. All this fits perfectly into the ideas of the green transformation.

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