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Hello! We are a group of people entrusted with the implementation of
Hajnówka’s development policy in accordance with the developed plans. We dig through tons of documentation – this cannot be avoided. Above all, however, we focus on real action and an alternative approach to city management. We think about the changes taking place in the long term, because we know that Rome was not built in a day – you should also remember about it and be of good cheer.

We are characterized by creativity, ambition, diligence and experience in many areas. Each of us is a specialist in a given field, and by combining our skills, we create a well-coordinated and fast-acting team. We are all emotionally connected with Hajnówka and we care about its development and that the inhabitants of our city feel good here and are proud of it. You can find our team at 8 Józefa Piłsudskiego Street in Hajnówka, at the headquarters of the Development Department. We invite!

Kierownik Referatu Rozwoju - Magdalena Chirko
MAGDALENA CHIRKOHead of the Development Department, Hajnówka City Hall, coordinator, project leader

This project is my baby. I am not a native, but for 17 years I have been discovering Hajnówka from the perspective of a local government employee, and for 9 years from the perspective of a resident. I am invariably fascinated by its uniqueness and I see great opportunities for it. I like people, I’m curious about them and I can find their strengths in everyone. This is how I built my research team. I believe that together, step by step, we will manage to change the face of Hajnówka, breathe new energy into its inhabitants and encourage people to use its advantages in synergy with the surrounding nature. For this purpose, the Development Department was established, of which I am the manager.

My private life is a bit intertwined with my professional life – I am a fan of local products and I use it in my kitchen every day. I am most relaxed in nature, so I spend a lot of time looking after my garden. I attach great importance to details, which also resulted in a flair for interior design.

Referat Rozwoju - Anna Pacewicz
ANNA PACEWICZspecialist in social and budgetary affairs, project management and logistics member of the strict project team coordinating the implementation of the project

From the very beginning, I have been participating in the process of shaping the new vision of Hajnówka. I was watching over every stage of creating the project. I deal with monitoring and evaluation of progress, clearing and organizing work. I am an excel ninja who loves numbers and I have an analytical approach to matters, which helps to look at the whole project from a distance.

After work, I like to immerse myself in the world of literature, especially criminal literature. I am a bastion of peace and have a lot of mindfulness that allows me to see beauty in seemingly ordinary things. That’s why I love to photograph nature, especially in the macro scale. I love good coffee and a day without it is a wasted day for me!

Referat Rozwoju - Monika Aleksiejuk
MONIKA ALEKSIEJUKspecialist in entrepreneurship and promotion, project service and logistics, member of the strict project team coordinating the implementation of the project

Together with Magda and Ania, I participated in the work on the project from the very beginning. I deal with cooperation with partners and entrepreneurs. I really like working with people, so I am happy to help in organizing meetings and conferences.

My son is my whole world, so we spend time together after work. From an early age, I show him the beauty of our area and teach him to be mindful of what is valuable and beautiful around us. We go on micro-tours, go for walks and together we find the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary things. I am also interested in fashion and I like to take care of myself.

ROBERT MISZCZAKenvironment and sustainable development

I am responsible for the conceptual work on the Green Transformation of Hajnówka.

Referat Rozwoju - Marta Siomko.
MARTA SIOMKOlabor market and ongoing project service

I deal with activities for entrepreneurship among young people and local employers. I keep records related to business breakfasts, training for uniformed services. Besides, I help everyone who needs help here.

 I am a sociable person and open to people. After work, I spend time in nature, with my family – I really like children, not only mine. I cycle and picnic a lot. I’m crazy about jewellery, which I already have way too much! I have been living in Hajnówka for a short time and I see great potential and a unique atmosphere in it.

Referat Rozwoju - Kamila Plis
KAMILA PLISnew forms of education

I deal with the implementation of new forms of education in schools and kindergartens in Hajnówka. I try to support principals and teachers on the way to change and take each next step with them. An attractive school that gives children a high level of education, satisfaction with their own achievements and many development opportunities is not a dream – it is a plan to be implemented.

I am a native, although a few years ago I moved to a nearby village, where I enjoy spending time in the garden. When I have time only for myself, I love to go to a concert, to the cinema or just go straight ahead by motorcycle.

Referat Rozowoju - Magda Klimkowska
MAGDA KLIMKOWSKAtourism, data analysis and ongoing project management

I deal with activities related to tourism, I also analyze data on changes taking place in Hajnówka. I also take care of the availability of all materials that are created as part of the project. When it gets busy, I am happy to take on some of my friends’ responsibilities.

I have been involved in tourism for 12 years, initially purely theoretically during my studies, and then in practice – it was an integral part of my life. Traveling broadened my horizons and allowed me to get to know cultural diversity. Paradoxically, I only realized the uniqueness of the Białowieża Forest when I was working abroad. I came back and found my place here.

Referat Rozwoju - Anna Nikitiuk
ANNA NIKITIUKbilateral cooperation, translations and cooperation with the local community

I deal with bilateral cooperation, i.e. contacts and contracts with the Norwegian Alta. Not only am I a language specialist, but I also use it frantically – I am a chatter. Thanks to this, I can easily establish contact with people – both with locals and with our foreign partners.

I was born on the edge of the Białowieża Forest. I come from the village of Zwodzieckie near Hajnówka. I love this place. Podlasie is my home where I live and work since forever. My professional work, i.e. linguistics and teaching foreign languages itself, is my passion. I am socially active and I attach great importance to the identity, history and culture of the region.

Referat Rozwoju - Julia Szypulska
JULIA SZYPULSKAmedia service and promotion

I am responsible for the content. So if you read the texts on this site, either I wrote them or at least I put in my three cents. I am a journalist by profession, for several years I have worked in regional dailies – mainly in “Gazeta Współczesna”, later also in “Kurier Poranny”. I also happened to act as a press spokesman. Therefore, my tasks in this project include cooperation with the media and promotion.

I am passionate about the Polish language and literature. I implement it by editing and proofreading books. Privately, I am a mother of two adolescent daughters. I spend my free time actively – training, cycling or walking. I am interested in healthy eating, ecology and interior design.

Referat Rozwoju - Agata Łuksza
AGATA ŁUKSZAwebmaster, graphic designer

I am responsible for the visual setting of everything related to the project. I am also the author of the website you are viewing right now! My work on the project began when I won a competition for visual identification of a local Hajnówka product.

Since 2014, I have been running Pracownia Bobra, dealing with graphics and illustrating books for children (including the series about Jadzia and Staś Pętelka, published by Zielony Sowa). Privately, I am the wife of Michał and the mother of Michalina and Bartek. I am as well a horse and nature lover. I like concerts and traveling around Poland. I discover unknown areas – also those in the immediate vicinity. I am deeply a delighted kid who is curious about the world.

Zespół Referatu Rozwoju - Joanna Łapińska
JOANNA ŁAPIŃSKAproject coordinator "Hajnówka - development of documentation
as part of supporting urban development of POPT 2014-2020"

In the POPT project, I am responsible for ordering about 20 strategic documents that will make life in Hajnówka better. These are complementary activities to the main Norwegian project.

A native from Hajnówka and a local patriot, although I love big cities at the same time.

Zespół Referatu Rozwoju - Marek Baran.
MAREK BARANpublic procurement
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