The new center
of Hajnówka



Hajnówka does not have a city center. There is not even a classic market square and attractions around it. There are no streets diverging from it. Who knows the history of this place will not be surprised. It was not the center that gave rise to this city. It all started with the Białowieża Primeval Forest, and more specifically with the exploitation of its resources, which started intensively at the beginning of the 20th century, when the first sawmills were built here. The development of Hajnówka was therefore closely related to the wood industry. It was the factories that were being built that determined the development of the city.



The Białowieża Primeval Forest has not been a source of raw material for a long time, and its resources are strictly protected as a valuable natural area, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Consequently, the character of Hajnówka has also changed. However, its urban character remained the same.

As a result, the city is not attractive for residents and visitors. The former, due to the lack of a designated center and related attractions, are not too attached to the city. In turn, tourists feel lost in an unmarked space without character. Nothing makes them stay here any longer.



We want to separate the area of the New Center of Hajnówka from the Wasilewski Square, through Batory Street to Wierobiej, then along the railway tracks along Białowieska Street to Parkowa Street, to the seat of the City Hall at A. Zina Street. The Hajnówka Center will become a social services center, and a Local Product Center, Academy of Nature will be placed there.

Green areas and a separate Sports Zone will be developed. Social events for each age group will be held at Local Activity Places. Wierobieja Street, in turn, will regain its historical splendor and will be teeming with life again. Developed lawns, a mural trail, and a clear tourist information system will ensure the comfort of using the center.

Plan Nowego Centrum Miasta.

Academy of Nature  /  Pompik the Bison Glade  / Central Hajnówka – Culture Station /  Zone for youth /  E   Wierobieja Street



This is a flagship undertaking. It cannot be otherwise, since Hajnówka is considered the “gateway to the Białowieża Forest” and should develop based on the potential offered by the surrounding nature. If anyone has doubts about this direction, he should look at the map of Hajnówka. The outline of the city’s administrative borders resembles the head of a bison – the king of the forest. This is of course only a curiosity, but this direction should not be underestimated. The development of the city should run in synergy with the Białowieża Forest.

The Academy of Nature is more of a concept than one specific place. It will consist of many points located in the center of Hajnówka. Its task will be to make the forest “enter” into the city. At the same time, show and teach how to use the treasures of this unique forest wisely. It is supposed to be interactive, through experiential learning, not boring lectures. We want to locate the academy within the New Center of Hajnówka, but its activity would not be limited to just one place.

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