Vote for the location of the mural. Our track on the route of the Hajnówka murals Hajnówka Wita September 30, 2022
Głosowanie na lokalizację pierwszego muralu miejskiego.

Vote for the location of the mural

Our track on the route of the Hajnówka murals

We present you with five locations, among which you will choose the one where our first urban mural will be created. When selecting the walls, we were guided by several aspects that we consider essential: location on the main intercity routes and walking routes, the possibility of easy access and peaceful admiration of the work, as well as the proximity of places often frequented by tourists and residents.

Propozycja lokalizacji muralu: blok przy ulicy Parkowej.

The wall is located in the very center of the city. It is visible from the side of the park and from the entrance to the Museum and Center of Belarusian Culture. It is only a few steps away from the market square. Nearby, in the place of the former Bartnik hotel, it is planned to create the Hajnówka Local Product Center and the Academy of Nature, which will also become essential points on the map of the center.

It is a large area, and the adjacent space will allow you to shoot freely.

Propozycja lokalizacji muralu: ściana parku wodnego.

The undoubted advantage of this location is the fact that Water Park is a public benefit place that serves both residents and tourists. The shape of the wall is also attractive – two surfaces against the background of a glazed surface. Round windows are also attractive.

The place is distant from the center and a bit further from the street than the other walls on the list. The nice surroundings and the popularity of the place are the compensation.

Propozycja lokalizacji muralu: blok przy ulicy Batorego.

The size of this wall is impressive. It is also visible from a distance and from a wide angle. It is located on the main road and not far from the city center.

The inconvenience is the relatively large distance from the main points in the city and places for walking and recreation.

Propozycja lokalizacji muralu: osiedle Millenium

This is one of the oldest blocks in Hajnówka. It is located in a housing estate that was once decorated with murals by Zenek Iłarion Daniluk. It is close from here to Bierwiaczonek Square and shopping centers, where both residents and tourists do shopping. There is also a place to stop and contemplate.

Propozycja lokalizacji muralu: blok przy ulicy 3 Maja

The elevation is visible from Wierobieja Street. It is a historically important neighborhood, whose history and significance for Hajnówka has been loud recently. It is quite a mysterious place – the wall is partially hidden in the passage. It requires thorough cleaning. There is a roundabout, a church and busy communication routes in the area.

We hope that we made your decision easier with our short analysis. Now everything is in your hands!

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