Pompik the Bison will have its home in Hajnówka Julia Szypulska March 28, 2024
cztery żubry. dwa duże i dwa małe. W tle dzrewa

Pompik the Bison will have its home in Hajnówka

And not just any kind. It will be large enough to accommodate the entire family of this favorite of the youngest: mother Porada, father Pomruk and sister Polinka.

Rysunek cztery żubry, dwa małe w środku, dwa duże po bokach

We are talking about the Pompik the Bison Zone, which will soon be built in the City Park in Hajnówka, opposite the former Bartnik inn. A zone, or rather a clearing, where the youngest will be able to meet the characters of books by Tomasz Samojlik. For the author, it is a source of pride and a dream come true.

I am delighted and honored that I will be able to personally hug the entire bison family.

Tomasz Samojlik, author of the story about the bison Pompik

Pompik is the hero of 40 books, theater performances and a children’s series. It can be found on stickers, T-shirts and other gadgets. There is also a bison mascot. However, there are no three-dimensional figures of Pompik and his family anywhere, characters that are strongly associated with Hajnówka and contribute to promoting the city. And there are figures that are life-size. The largest will be, of course, dad Pomruk (190 cm), slightly smaller mom Porada – 170 cm, then Pompik with a height of 120 cm and finally his younger sister Polinka – 90 cm.

Rysunek cztery żubry, dwa duże i dwa małe, na polanie. W tle drzewa

The bison will stand in a clearing, not in a pen, because they are wild animals after all. I really wanted their appearance to be as close as possible to the drawings in the book. I'm looking forward to the effect. I really hope that the glade will be on the list of places to see in Hajnówka.

Tomasz Samojlik

Figure production continues. It is worth adding that they will be the main, but not the only, attraction in the clearing. There will also be information boards about bisons and books about Pompik. There will also be a photo wall showing a bison family. The plan also includes land development. There will be an alley, benches and fitness equipment for children. The Pompik the Bison Zone is to be ready by the end of April.

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