Recruitment for the second edition of the “My business idea in Hajnówka” competition has started Julia Szypulska September 27, 2023

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Meetings at schools are behind us. Those interested can submit their application forms until next Friday (29.09). There will be two competitions in this edition: one for vocational students and one for high school students.

The ‘My idea for business in Hajnówka’ competition is taking place for the second time – as in the previous edition, the organiser is the Podlasie Foundation for Regional Development. Its aim is to popularise knowledge on entrepreneurship among students of Hajnówka schools. We would like to convince them that starting their own business can be a good way to achieve professional success and stay in the city after graduation. It is particularly important that the competition’s business plans are related to the local resources and potential of the region, i.e. everything that distinguishes Hajnówka from other cities.

The event is open to 2nd and 3rd grade students. This year’s formula will differ slightly from the previous one. The competition has been split into two: one is aimed at vocational students and the other at high school students.

Based on last year's experience, we felt that this solution would be more fair.

Alicja Orzechowska, Podlasie Foundation for Regional Development

However, the subject of the competition has remained the same: the creation of a business plan. This is to be supported by training sessions – 10 hours in total – with business practitioners. These will cover tax or legal issues related to running one’s own business. Meetings with Hajnówka entrepreneurs are also planned. Let us recall that last year’s workshop participants included Agata Łuksza, owner of Pracownia Bobra, a graphic designer and illustrator; Stefan Bedkowski, owner of Centro-Bud, a company offering construction materials; and Kamil Andrejuk, owner of Linare, a company producing architectural concrete.

Recruitment is currently in progress. Two information meetings in schools are behind us.

There is a lot of interest in the competition, and I think a lot of this is due to the previous edition. Many young people were familiar with both the competition and the participating colleagues. For example, at the meeting of Vocational Schools, almost the entire hall was full, which is very encouraging.

Alicja Orzechowska, PFRR

He also adds that some students asked very detailed questions and already had a concrete business idea at this stage. So it can be assumed that this edition of the competition will be as interesting as the previous one.

Students have until September 29, which is next Friday, to submit their application forms. Last year, 24 applications were received – some participants created business plans in groups, some individually. There is a lot to fight for. In addition to professional training, participants can count on financial prizes:

1st place –  PLN 3 thousand.

2nd place – PLN 2 thousand.

3rd place – PLN 1 thousand.

Following the example of last year, there will also be an additional prize of PLN 1,000 for the winner of the voting for Internet users. The deadline for submitting business plans is December 3, while the award ceremony will be held on December 14.

We also have a suggestion for people who may not necessarily see themselves running their own business, but would like to learn more about the local labor market.

Alicja Orzechowska

We are talking about the second competition, also organized by the PFRR, “Business in my neighborhood”. As part of it, meetings will be held in schools with entrepreneurs , during which young people will learn about their employment proposal. Another element is the opportunity to get to know the company and its offerings better during on-site visits. The result of both activities is to be a film advertising the services of the company the students will visit. Also in this competition, participants can expect attractive prizes:

1st place – PLN 4 thousand

2nd place – PLN 3 thousand

3rd place – PLN 2 thousand.

The winning videos will be selected based on Internet voting. The full list of companies that will participate is not yet known; discussions with entrepreneurs are underway. By October 20, however, meetings are to be held in schools, while a voting of Internet users is scheduled for November. The awarding of prizes will take place at a joint gala with the winners of the “My idea for business in Hajnówka” competition on December 14.

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