Green Hajnówka? City inhabitants want to replace the old stoves. Hajnówka Wita June 9, 2022
Montaż paneli solarnych.

Green Hajnówka?

City inhabitants want to replace the old stoves

Your house is fired with a traditional coal stove, or maybe you have already replaced it with a more ecological source? You must provide this information in the declaration on heat sources and fuel combustion sources. Its submission is mandatory and you have until the end of June to do so. According to the data from the Center for Renewable Energy in Hajnówka, city residents take the issue of heating their houses seriously.

The said declaration is required to be submitted by owners of single-family houses and recreational plots, as well as owners or managers of multi-family buildings. In addition to the address, the following data should be provided:

  • Building type,
  • Premises to which the declaration applies,
  • Type and number of heat sources installed in the building (e.g. fireplace, solid fuel boiler, district heating network, kitchen core, etc.),
  • Boiler class,
  • Types of fuels used,
Dąb, przez który przedzierają się promienie słońca.

The form of the declaration can be completed in paper form and submitted in person to the City Hall of Hajnówka at  Zina 1 Street, 2nd floor, room 202. However, it is worth using the electronic form. This is what the ICT system of the Central Emission Register of Buildings (CEEB) serves for this purpose. We remind you that the declaration applies to both residential and non-residential buildings.

The new regulations entered into force on July 1, 2021. The owners of already existing houses had one year to submit their declarations. The deadline is the end of June.

If someone has started a new heat source or installed it in a newly built building, he has only 14 days to report it. Once everyone has made their declarations, we will have full knowledge of what heating sources dominate in the city.

Dariusz Link, expert from the Renewable Energy Center in Hajnówka

The inhabitants of Hajnówka are interested in more ecological sources of heat. Although the boom in the installation of photovoltaic panels has passed due to the entry into force of new, less favorable settlement rules, the Hajnowians are asking about other options for heating their homes.

The interest comes mainly from economics. The prices of coal and other fuels have risen sharply recently. Therefore, people are looking for cheaper and greener solutions. There is also a group of residents in Hajnówka, mainly elderly people, who would like to change the heating method to a more comfortable one, because they no longer have the strength to, for example, burn in a coal stove.

Dariusz Link, expert from the Renewable Energy Center in Hajnówka

According to data from the Center for Renewable Energy, many city residents are currently interested in heat pumps. The more so because the government program “Clean Air” is still in force, which allows you to obtain funding for the replacement of an ineffective heat source, insulation of the house, replacement of window frames or installation of ventilation with heat recovery.


Advice on what heat source to use or what co-financing can be obtained from the Renewable Energy Center. Thanks to the funds from the Norwegian grant, the inhabitants of the city have a wider access to professional knowledge as part of the project “Hajnówka Renewal – Green Transformation”. The point is a unit operating at the Poviat Office in Hajnówka, which is a partner of the project. We remind you that the Renewable Energy Center is located at 3 Maja Street 25a and is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-14.

Green energy, and thus clean air, is an important element of this program. Its aim is to improve the air quality, which so far left much to be desired in Hajnówka. The goal is more important as the city is located in the vicinity of the Białowieża Forest and should develop in synergy with nature. The implementation of this goal is to be achieved by building the awareness of residents about ecological heat sources.

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