Wierobieja Street will have its feast. The event will be cyclical. Hajnówka Wita July 28, 2022
Dzień ulicy Wierobieja.



Do you know where the synagogue stood? If not, it is worth finding out, as this information may be useful during a themed field game. It will be one of the attractions during the Day of Wierobieja Street, which will take place on August 6. In addition, there will be a unique exhibition and the band Błękitny Nosorożec (Blue Rhino) will play, and you will dance at the dance with DJ SaQsiem and the band Metro.

On Saturday, August 6, Wierobieja Street will be closed to car traffic. The attractions will start at 5:00 p.m.

On that day, the street will turn into a promenade, where artists and entrepreneurs who have their headquarters here (including restaurants, confectionery, ice cream parlors, photographers, representatives of other service industries. Brand-name Brewery will also join us). Various animations and attractions for children, and in the evening the street will turn into a space for fun and dancing.

Katarzyna Czurak, Metamorphosis Association in Hajnówka

The Blue Rhino will play, which is just starting the promotion of the new album. There will also be DJ SaQś and the Metro band. The right mood, apart from music, will also create lighting. And also a unique exhibition. It will be opened on August 6. It will hang on the fence of the vocational school. It will concern the historic place on Wierobieja Street. You will find out which place it is on the day of the event. Those who do not arrive that day will be able to see the exhibition in the next few weeks.

During the event, there will also be an off-road game that requires basic knowledge of street history. Knowledge can also be supplemented on the spot, because a street map “from the past” will be created. The organizers want to stimulate the imagination of the inhabitants in this way.

Sklep spożywczy przy ulicy M. Buczka, obecnej ks.I. Wierobieja

The idea of organizing the festival of Wierobieja Street was born a long time ago. This street is located in the former Jewish district. It used to be called Targowa, later Buczka. Life was vibrant here long after the war. Older residents of the city remember the heyday of this street. We would like to remind you of those times, bring back memories and bring back some life to this street.

Katarzyna Czurak, Metamorphosis Association in Hajnówka

She also emphasizes that this idea found a considerable response among the residents and entrepreneurs operating at Wierobieja Street. There was an idea, but there was a lack of funds for implementation. These emerged thanks to the project “Hajnówka OdNowa – Green Transformation”, which is being implemented by the city. The idea of reviving the historic street perfectly fit into its assumptions.

Wierobieja Street is one of the oldest streets in Hajnówka. A climatic place of great historical value and still with enough potential to make it vibrant with life again. One of the assumptions of the "Hajnówka Renewal - Green Transformation" project and, more broadly, the new direction of the city's development, is to build the identity of its inhabitants and integrate them around the city's history. We would like to create value from this identity also in the context of a tourist attraction.

Magdalena Chirko, head of the Development Department of the Hajnówka City Hall and project coordinator

She also adds that Wierobieja Street Day will be a cyclical event. And emphasizes that such initiatives are of particular value in the light of the city’s development strategy. They are a kind of civic budget, and therefore a form of residents’ involvement in the city’s life.

It is a part of the project and development activities that finances the grassroots initiatives submitted by the inhabitants at the stage of formulating the development policy of Hajnówka and submitting the application. We found a space to finance activities expected by the residents.

Magdalena Chirko, head of the Development Department of the Hajnówka City Hall and project coordinator

Such projects include the so-called neighborhood initiative. As we informed a few weeks ago, the Blue Rhino band from Hajnówka has already received funding from this project. Thanks to these funds, the musicians will record materials for the new album and organize concerts. Later this year, we will announce recruitment for the next edition of neighborhood initiatives.

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