The video is already, what’s next? Hajnówka Wita October 12, 2022
Duży zielony napis: Niewidzialny. Na drugim planie trzech mężczyzny w małym studio muzycznym.

The video is already, what's next?

The blue rhino band starts the second part of the project

Behind them are two concerts, the recording of a music video and half of the material for the new album. It will appear in December. Until then, Hajnowians can count on one more concert of this city-famous rock band.

Mężczyzna w czarnej koszulce, w okularach gra na gitarze i śpiewa do mikrofonu. W tle łysy mężczyzna gra na perkusji. Z tyłu szare auto na tle zieleni.

As we reported a few months ago, Blue Rhino prepared the project “Rhino in the Forest – alternative music from Hajnówka”. It is an element of a wider project, i.e. the Neighborhood Initiative, an activity within the project “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation”. Its goal was to involve the inhabitants in the life of the city. Hajnówka associations submitted their ideas, we financed them. There were four of them in total. The band has already recorded part of the material for the new album and a music video. The musicians also bought the missing equipment and organized two concerts. One of them took place at the beginning of August during the Day of Wierobieja Street, and the second in September at the Museum and Center of Belarusian Culture.

If it wasn't for the funding, we wouldn't be able to afford to release a new album in a situation where we don't deal with music professionally, and this is our passion, which we devote ourselves to "after hours". It's great that there are funds for such initiatives. They were a motivation for us to act, to be creative. This is our first artistic activity after the difficult times of the pandemic.

Dawid Wojciuk

As it turns out, it is already bringing its first successes. It’s about the newly recorded music video for the song “Invisible”, which talks about the problem of homelessness. It has been available on YouTube for two weeks. At that time, the song had already been played nearly two thousand times. In the opinion of the team members, this is a pretty good result for the beginning. It is also worth noting that an artificial intelligence algorithm was used to record the music video, which “got” text and music and created images on this basis.

This month, the team begins the second phase of the project. The musicians will record the last part of the songs for the new album, and on October 21, also in the museum, a concert will be held, where residents will be able to listen to the latest recordings. The album itself is expected to be ready in mid-December.

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