How can I save energy in a company? Hajnówka Wita October 31, 2022
II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?

How can i save energy in a company?

Advice given by experts during the second business breakfast

Photovoltaic installations are not the only way to lower energy bills. There are many more of them, it is worth considering, for example, thermal modernization of a building or automation of lighting. Then the savings can reach tens of percent.

II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?
II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?

The problem of rising energy prices attracts the attention of not only average users, but also companies that have to deal with much higher bills. Hence the idea for a second business breakfast. Over 30 entrepreneurs from Hajnówka took part in it. As previously reported, the goal of this project is to developing a formula for cooperation between the city and entrepreneurs, getting to know their expectations regarding the direction of Hajnówka’s development and decisions made by the local government.

We all understand how important it is to produce your own electricity. In the city, we currently pay PLN 1,000 per megawatt of energy, and from January this amount will increase to PLN 1,413. The Water and Sewage Company has a 600 kW installation, and an audit is currently underway to establish energy storage facilities.

Jerzy Sirak, mayor of Hajnówka

Experts talked about what savings methods can be used by entrepreneurs in their companies. They also gave a lot of practical advice. Paweł Kostiuczuk from Z.I.P.E. talked about the profitability of a photovoltaic installation and what to consider when choosing a company that will install it.

II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?

Photovoltaic installation is not profitable for everyone. There are many factors that affect it, e.g. the type of roof, ground, mains voltage, connection cables - all these should be checked before installing the installation - explained the expert. - This should be done by a salesman from the company who will come to you, and if he does not have the appropriate knowledge, take a specialist with him. When looking for a contractor, it's worth checking if it's a local company. It is good that apart from installing photovoltaics, she does something else, for example, deals with electricity. Then he will be able to help you. Also check how long the entity has been operating on the market. It is best to establish cooperation with a company that was not established when the photovoltaic boom was taking place, but much earlier.

Paweł Kostiuczuk - Z.I.P.E

Experts also pointed out that it is worth carrying out an energy audit of the facility before installing the installation.

Nowadays, it is necessary to look for such solutions in order to become energy independent. A photovoltaic installation is not the only way to reduce energy costs and when looking for savings, it is worth looking more broadly than just at energy bills. Factors such as the heating system of the building, the equipment and devices used in the company, the type of lighting, what the ceilings, roofs and walls are made of, the windows and doors should be looked at. If we carry out thermal modernization of the building, replace the heat source, automate the lighting, we are able to achieve up to 69 percent. savings. I once conducted an audit, thanks to which the client, by introducing the solutions indicated therein, achieved savings of up to 90%.

Cezary Szerszenowicz
II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?

How much does such an audit cost? It depends on how many objects you want to apply to. If we are talking about one building, the price ranges from PLN 1,500 to PLN 3,000.

During the business breakfast, experts also talked about the European Union’s activities for clean energy technologies and the related challenges faced by recipients. We are talking, for example, about even greater dissemination of photovoltaic energy.

The REPowerEUa plan aims to make more than 320 GW available from new PV installations by 2025, more than double what is currently available, and almost 600 GW by 2030. This accelerated additional generation capacity can replace 9 billion m³ of natural gas consumption per year to 2027

Irena Jagiełło, co-owner of Energyeco

The expert also mentioned milestones related to the energy supply of buildings. For example, by 2025 the sale of fossil fuel boilers is to end, by 2030 there will be full availability of electricity, by 2035 most of the heating devices sold will have the highest energy efficiency class, and by 2045 half of the heating demand will be met by heat pumps. The good news is the new subsidy programs for entrepreneurs. Details can be found here:

Part 1) Micro installations, heat pumps and accompanying energy storage

Part 2) Agricultural biogas plants and small water power plants

Will these tips turn out to be useful for Hajnówka entrepreneurs?

II Śniadanie Biznesowe. Wykład na temat: Jak można oszczedzać energię w firmie?

Partly yes, but many things I already knew. I have photovoltaics, LED lighting, new energy-saving air conditioning and an insulated building at work. It should be said, and I don't think it was emphasized enough during the meeting, that good insulation of the building is essential. Before I started these investments, I spent a year and a half learning myself, which saved me a lot of money. I've already walked this path. However, I think that for companies that are at the beginning, a lot of information will be useful. Besides, it's good that something has finally started to happen in Hajnówka.

Mariusz Pierko, the owner of the Kresowy Groszek Shop in Hajnówka

The next meeting will take place in November, we will inform you about the specific date. Business breakfasts are organized by the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation as part of the “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation” project. Their goal is to establish cooperation between the city and entrepreneurs, so that the agreement lasts also after the end of the project.

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