Safe, where everyone will feel free and find something for themselves Hajnówka Wita November 7, 2022
Usmiechnięta blondynka w beżowym golfie. W tle slajd z prezentacji.
Safe, where everyone will feel free and find something for themselves

What should the local activity places be?

These are just some of the conclusions drawn from the last MAL consultation meeting. This is the second event that has taken place in the city. This time, the participants, both young and slightly older residents of Hajnówka, spoke directly about their expectations.

Młoda brunetka w jasnej bluzce siedzi przy stole, gestykulując reką.
Na pierwszym planie uśmiechnięta blondynka w okularach, beżowym golfie i kolorowej spódnicy. Z tyłu kobieta w ciemnym kardiganie i białej bluzce.

Local Activity Places operate in many cities in Poland, not only in the big ones, such as Warsaw and Kraków, but also in smaller ones, such as Stalowa Wola, Chrzanów or Rybnik. Their goal is, generally speaking, to improve the quality of life of residents. How? Some people come to MAL to not feel lonely, to meet others, drink coffee, talk. Others want to relax, cut themselves off from home and professional matters, still others organize workshops here, develop hobbies, etc. These are places that integrate residents, respond to their needs, are available and free of charge. They are usually run by non-governmental organizations commissioned by the local government. This is their idea and the inhabitants of Hajnówka heard about it during the first information meeting held at the end of October. Last Thursday, however, we already talked about specific expectations.

We are here to indicate what we want to do, so that the Municipal knows what investments should be made, what purchases to make, so that it can organize a competition for an operator who will run this place.

Agnieszka Maszkowska from the Soclab Foundation - Social Research and Action Laboratory – leading

The last meeting was attended by young people from primary and secondary schools in Hajnówka, representatives of non-governmental organizations, including the University of the Third Age, and several entrepreneurs.

Dyskusja nad Miejscem Aktywności Lokalnej.

I would like to thank everyone for their participation and constructive comments. I am especially proud of our young people who clearly and courageously defined their expectations. Importantly, it seems that MAL will be a place that connects generations and we will be able to reconcile the needs of both young and slightly older Hajnowians.

Magdalena Chirko, head of the Development Department of the Hajnówka City Hall and coordinator of the project "Hajnówka ReNewal - Green Transformation", under which MALs will be created.

It turned out that the older ones would like to meet during the week, while the younger ones mainly on weekends, because only then they have more time. Seniors dream of a place where they could meet in an informal atmosphere, talk, play chess, drink coffee with friends, where they would find entertainment and a reason to go out. It should be a lively place with a rich offer.

Hajnówka is the only city in the province where there is no senior club.

representatives of the University of the Third Age
Zielona sala na której grupa osób, patrzy na wyświetlany slajd prezentacji. Na pierwszym planie kobieta w okularach wpatrzona w telefon.
Grupka nastolatek siedząca przy stole.

Some, in turn, dream of a place to relax. Divided into zones so that everyone can meet their needs, where you can cool down, take your mind off everyday matters, read, do your homework, listen to music. Theater workshops, cabarets and reading meetings could also take place here. Entrepreneurs would like to be able to organize meetings here and discuss current issues.

As for the relaxation zone, it is also dreamed of by young people.


A shop, a cafe or just a kitchen where you could make something to eat, and a room to play various musical instruments would also be useful. Of course, the MAL should be a safe place.

The participants also talked about how important it is for them to create such a place in Hajnówka.

I can see the gap between what was 20 years ago, where you could meet in the city then, and what is now.

Anna Bowtruczuk

Representatives of non-governmental organizations also spoke in a similar tone.

We need a place where we can meet from time to time and work on the project. So far we've done it at home. However, anyone who has children knows that these are not comfortable conditions.

Katarzyna Czurak, head of the Metamorphosis Association

She also pointed out that there is a lack of space where students comming to school could wait for lessons. Some people come to Hajnówka early in the morning and have nothing to do with themselves. MAL is a chance that all listed needs will be met. The last consultation meeting is ahead of us. It will be held on Thursday, November 9 at 16. At the project’s headquarters at ul. Piłsudskiego 8.

For now, there is no decision as to the location of MALs. Here are some ideas where they could be. They are: Piłsudskiego 1 (former primary school) and 11 Listopada 22 (the complex on Żabia Górka).

Przez okno z zielonymi żaluzjami zagląda dwójka dzieci o jasnych włosach.
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