The competition for business plans for young people is coming to an end Hajnówka Wita December 8, 2022
Konkurs ,,mój pomysł na biznes w Hajnówce"

The competition for business plans for young people is coming to an end

Online voting is underway

A café with a reading room, a bowling alley, a go-kart track or a hotel for animals are new places that could be created in Hajnówka. There is also an offer of a personal trainer, physiotherapy and massage at the client’s home or advice on interior design. The jury will decide who will be on the podium, but now there is a fight for the Internet users’ prize. That’s why it’s worth voting.

Videos of students presenting their future companies can be viewed in a specially created Facebook event. To vote, just leave a like or a heart under the selected video. Voting lasts until December 13. The author of the winning video will receive a prize of PLN 1,000.

Konkurs na biznesplany dla młodzieży

As we have already written, the competition “My business idea in Hajnówka” is one of the undertakings in the project “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation”. It is organized by the Podlasie Foundation for Regional Development. December 5 is the deadline for submitting business plans. In total, 13 works were submitted, which were made by 24 students from three secondary schools in Hajnówka: the Vocational School Complex and the 1st and 2nd high schools. An additional task was to prepare the aforementioned videos presenting the business idea. Previously, there were training sessions for students, which concerned, among others, formal and legal issues related to setting up and running your own business, marketing, self-presentation or finance.

Konkurs na biznesplany dla młodzieży
Konkurs na biznesplany dla młodzieży

We have very creative youth in Hajnówka. We are positively surprised by their ideas, as well as how they prepared for the competition. You can see that they conducted research on the local market and an analysis of the needs of residents, they found out what people lack. They also checked rent rates and sources of funding for starting a business. Their ideas are realizable.

Alicja Orzechowska from the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation, competition coordinator

What kind of businesses would young people like to run? Here is the list:

“Crazy cherries” / Complex of Vocational Schools
It’s a milk bar where you can eat cheap, tasty and healthy. And most importantly, locally. The offer will also include teas from a local producer and marcinek cake.

“Archi tour” / Complex of Vocational Schools
The author of the business plan offers comprehensive support in interior design. It will advise you on the choice of lighting or wall color.

“Bubble enjoy” / Complex of Vocational Schools
This is a cafe where you can drink bubble tea, i.e. sweet and refreshing tea with various flavors.

“Silver moon” / Complex of Vocational Schools
A club where you can dance or organize a private party. Admission for people over 16 years of age, ticket for PLN 15.

“Animal planet” / Complex of Vocational Schools
A hotel for animals, where the owner will be able to leave his pet for the time of departure, e.g. on vacation. Lots of space, lots of pet toys.

Production of regional drinks “Szczerba” / I LO
What to do with fruits growing in the vicinity of the Białowieża Forest? “Exquisite and healthy non-alcoholic wine.”

“KarOski” / I LO
The author wants to set up a bowling alley, because there is no such place within a radius of 60 km from Hajnówka. Two tracks, where a total of 12 people can play, as well as slot machines.

“RegionalDuo” / I LO
The authors want to run a catering establishment with meals for delivery, where they will use regional products.

“WiO”, “Cherries and Crumbs” / I LO
This is a proposal of a cafe-reading room for young people. With good coffee and local pastries. Cozy decor, meetings with book authors once a month. The first place of this type in Hajnówka.

“MiR Weronika Sadowska”, II LO
This business is a remedy for long queues for rehabilitation. The author will arrive at the patient’s home and perform a massage or other rehabilitation treatments.

“P.O.G” / II LO
The authors want to create a studio cinema with an interesting offer in the city. You will be able to watch not only the latest productions, but also classics and ambitious films. The nearest cinema is 20 km from Hajnówka.

“Borkowski LTD” / II LO
The author knows how to make people healthy, fit, strong and feel life energy. He encourages them to exercise under his supervision.

“Gokart Club” / II LO
An offer for people who want to develop their automotive passion. On the go-kart track you can learn to drive, but also improve your skills or test yourself in competition with others.

Konkurs na biznesplany dla młodzieży

The competition “My idea for a business in Hajnówka” ends this Thursday, December 15th. The jury will announce the winners during a gala that will take place at the Hajnówka House of Culture. We would like to remind you that the winners will receive attractive prizes:

  • PLN 3,000 for the first place,
  • PLN 2,000 for the second place, 
  • PLN 1,000 for the third place.
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