“Plant a tree for your grandson” campaign Julia Szypulska April 27, 2023

"Plant a tree for your grandson" campaign

we are already halfway there

I haven’t planted flowers yet, but I planted onions in the garden with my mother, says 6-year-old Ada, who, together with her grandmother Tamara, took part in the action at Kindergarten No. 2 at Warszawska Street. We have planted plants in five kindergartens in Hajnówka, but it is not over yet.

We started the “Plant a tree for your grandson” campaign in the first half of April. Events are behind us at the following facilities: Red Bus Kids, Kindergarten No. 5 with the second branch, and Kindergarten No. 2 and Kindergarten No. 1 at Jagiełły Street.

A large group of eager grandparents and parents appeared at Kindergarten No. 2 at Warszawska Street. All equipped with professional gardening tools.

Thank you for wanting to come and dedicate your time. We are very pleased that our kindergarten can take part in this project.

Iwona Raszkiewicz, director of the facility

The mayor of Hajnówka also took part in the planting campaign.

I think that both you, your friends and guests who visit the city can see that for many years we have been trying to do everything we can to make our Hajnówka look nicer, especially in the period from spring to autumn. But you can never do too much work to make the city even more beautiful, more colorful. We are continuing our activities, this time as part of the "Hajnówka ReNewal - Green Transformation" project. Let me remind you that it is financed from the European Economic Area. These are funds from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. All these plants will be signed with the names of those who planted them and this will be a lasting trace that will remind us of our planting today for many years. And at the same time, we know that greenery is very important to us. You can never have too much greenery and colorful flowers in the city.

Jerzy Sirak, mayor of Hajnówka

The plants will indeed be a souvenir for many years, because we tried to choose those that are perennial. These are fruit trees, e.g. apple trees, pear trees, perennials and flowers such as pansies and forsythia. There are 30 seedlings for each kindergarten. Importantly, they were selected for the conditions prevailing there, especially sunlight.

Some children planted plants for the first time, others already have experience. Just like 6-year-old Sebastian from Kindergarten No. 2, who took part in the action with his grandmother Agnieszka. As he says, he and his mother planted four potted flowers at home. His friend Ada, in turn, helped her mother in the garden.

With my mother, I planted not flowers but onions.

Ada, 6 years old

She planted her first flower thanks to an action in the kindergarten.

This is a very cool idea. It's nice, family friendly and we will have a souvenir.

Mrs. Tamara, Ada's grandmother

We have a meeting of the Private Kindergarten named after Saint Cyril and Methodius at Piłsudskiego Street (Friday, April 28, 10.00 a.m.), Private Kindergarten “Leśna Kraina” at E. Orzeszkowa Street (Monday, May 8, 9.00 a.m.), Kindergarten No. 3 named after Pompik the Boison at Rzeczna Street (Wednesday, May 17, 10:00). In this way, additional plantings will appear in all kindergartens in Hajnówka.

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