Three murals will be created in Hajnówka Hajnówka Wita June 30, 2023

fot. Andrzej Stasiu Szypulski



The murals will be made by the well-known artist Mona Tusz. She is currently in Hajnówka and is conducting meetings and workshops with residents, whom we want to involve strongly in the project. The murals will be created in three locations: on the blocks of flats at 4 Parkowa Street and 29 Batorego Street and on the front wall of the clinic at 10 Piłsudskiego Street.

Last Wednesday, the artist met with residents of the block of flats at 4 Parkowa Street, where a sizable mural is planned to be created on the side wall of the block. The meeting was reminiscent of a picnic – those interested were sitting on blankets, tourist chairs, some standing by a cloche. There was a bonfire, shared provisions. Initially shy, the residents became more and more courageous in joining the conversation.

Anything but a bison, it's too obvious

Mr. Lukasz, one of the residents

Mona Tusz presented six proposed topics. These are:

  • wild animals in the atmosphere of legends and folk beliefs
  • wild meadow in full summer
  • herbarium
  • guardians of the forest
  • oak motif as a spar
  • alder forest as an enchanted habitat of various species of birds.

Nowogród / fot. Mona Tusz

The artist also showed the residents her previous works, including the latest mural, which was created in Nowogród (also Podlaskie Voivodeship). She talked about her fascination with fairy tales and local legends, as well as old botanical lexicons. Drawing inspiration from these sources results in works whose subject, e.g. nature, is presented in a non-obvious way. Some residents approached such a convention with reserve.

You show your vision of this nature, and I would prefer that these trees or animals were presented as they really are

resident of the block

And I would just like this mural to be "crazy". If you want to see real nature, you can go to the forest

Mrs Ewa, a resident of the block

Mona Tusz has an ambitious task ahead of her. She will have to reconcile the ideas submitted by numerous residents. They want the mural to be a combination of the first thematic group (wild animals in the atmosphere of legends and folk beliefs) with the second one (wild meadow in full summer), and to include the oak motif. The conversations featured such plant species as: poppy, thousandwort, chicory, cornflower, St. John’s wort, mullein, yarrow, evening primrose and clover. There will also be animals, including a bison, although perhaps not as the main character. The mural is expected to be ready by the end of August.

Last Thursday, the first workshop with residents took place. They were part of the preparations for the creation of the second mural on the front of the clinic. More than 20 people applied. Among the participants there are both representatives of the young and slightly older generation.

It's a nice action. Thanks to it, we have a chance to leave our mark in Hajnówka.

18-year-old Oliwia and her sister, Florentyna

The girls had previously taken part in workshops on creating murals organized by the Hajnówka Cultural Association “Pocztówka”. Now is your chance to use that knowledge. The mural at the clinic will have a slightly different character than the one that will be built on the block at Parkowa. First of all, because the residents will be involved in its implementation. During the Thursday meeting, Mona Tusz distributed the tasks. Participants divided into teams that are to make templates of animals (only those living in the forest) and traditional patterns from Hajnówka. These will be reflected on the wall of the clinic. Drawing and cutting out the templates is the task of the residents, the rest, i.e. the development of the main concept and execution – by the artist. Participants received template material as well as detailed guidelines, including animal dimensions.

I like to paint, I like to cut. So I thought: why not? I also wanted to involve my son in this venture. We want to make a wolf, an owl, maybe something else. Everyone will be able to put a part of themselves into this project. I think it's a fun game that will additionally integrate the residents. We really need such initiatives in Hajnówka.

Laura Żurawska

The past weekend was marked by the preparation of stencils. Participants consulted their ideas with the artist on an ongoing basis through a specially created social media group. Now the preparation of the building’s wall is underway – it must first be primed and then painted.

Ahead is a meeting with residents of the block at 29 Batory Street, where the third mural is to be created. We will inform about its date.

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