Local Activity Places in Hajnówka. Summary of actions Julia Szypulska September 20, 2023


There will be two MALs – one for young people (8 Piłsudskiego Street) and another for seniors (1 Piłsudskiego Street). A competition for a contractor to renovate both rooms will be decided soon. Ahead, however, is the announcement of another tender for the supply of equipment.

As you may remember, we talked to residents about Local Activity Places last fall. Then, three consultation meetings were held, during which interested parties learned what MALs are and how they function. They also expressed their expectations regarding those to be built in Hajnówka.

Let us remind you: MAL is a place whose goal is to improve the quality of life of its residents. You can come here to spend time with others, talk, organize an event, develop a hobby. This type of places operate successfully in many cities in Poland. Originally, MAL in Hajnówka was supposed to be a space for young people, because they repeatedly reported the problem of lack of space to spend their free time. However, during the consultations, it turned out that seniors also lack such a meeting place. As a result, two MALs will be created. Both groups defined their expectations as to what days and hours they should operate. Seniors would like to use it 4-5 days a week during the day. Young people, on the other hand, would prefer afternoons and possibly Saturdays. Everyone agreed that these should be open places where everyone would feel at ease.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations also participated in the above-mentioned consultations. The plan is for them to run MALs on behalf of the local government. This week, a meeting was held with representatives of associations interested in the initiative and participating in consultations from the beginning. Their goal was to provide information on the progress of work on the creation of MAL. Here’s what’s already known:

  1. The location of the youth MAL is 8 Piłsudskiego St. For this purpose, we want to develop one room downstairs, along with a bathroom. The youth will also have an auditorium and an inner courtyard at their disposal. There will be two entrances: the main one from the courtyard, and an additional one from the front, where there will be an additional ramp for the disabled.
  2. The location of the MAL for seniors will be the premises in the former school building at 1 Piłsudskiego Street.
  3. A procedure is underway to select a contractor for the renovation of both rooms. The settlement will take place later this month.
  4. We will soon announce a competition to provide equipment.
  5. We are preparing to announce a competition to run the MAL. We would like the interested association to be able to start work from November 1. Initially there will be organizational activities, including the development of regulations, an offer or a schedule for the MAL. The first contract would cover the period from November to the end of the year. The second, also under the project, would be from January to March.

After that, we plan to announce another competition for NGOs.

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