Blue Rhino Band completes second part of the project Julia Szypulska October 4, 2023

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Videos for two songs are ready, and a third will be made in October. The band has also recorded three new songs. The musicians also have several concerts behind them and more are planned.


The Blue Rhino Band is completing the second part of the “Rhino in the Forest – Hajnówka alternative music” project. To remind, it is part of the Neighborhood Initiative, an activity under the project “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation”. In the first part, which was realized last year, the band recorded material for a new album titled “Invisible. The musicians also bought the missing equipment and organized two concerts.

We are currently finishing work on the second part of the project. We have videos ready for two songs: "And So You Buy It" and "Posters." One more music video will be made soon. For now we are determining which song and what the idea will be. During the summer we also finished recording three new songs. They are the result of work on the new album - they are ideas that did not fit on it, but it would be a shame not to use them. We already have a music track for them, it remains to record the vocals. The songs will be ready by the end of the year.

Dawid Wojciuk, project applicant

There will be no shortage of surprises. The new songs will be a little ‘lighter’ than the Blue Rhino audiences are used to, and include elements of jazz. The band is also carrying out promotional activities. Recently, a concert was held at the Museum and Centre of Belarusian Culture; the next one will take place on 20 October. How is the audience feeling about the new material?

The response has been very positive. The band has been creating for almost 30 years, so the audience has many of their favourite songs, but we can see that these new songs also already have their admirers.

Dawid Wojciuk

Blue Rhino is preparing for more concerts. The musicians would like to go outside Hajnówka with the promotion of the album. There are concerts planned in Białystok and Lublin.

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