A competition to develop a concept for the new city center has been started Julia Szypulska October 16, 2023



What is the center of Hajnówka supposed to be like? More recreational than service-based. Combining peace and quiet with the liveliness of urban life. There should be a lot of greenery and one main meeting place. These are the conclusions of a survey of residents. They will be taken into account by the authors of the competition works.

The mentioned survey is part of the preparation for the competition. It was participated by 289 people, mainly residents of the area under study. The area in question is from Vasilevskiy Square, through Batory Street up to Wierobieja Street, further along the railroad tracks along Białowieska Street to Parkowa Street, ending at the headquarters of the Hajnówka City Hall on A. Zina Street. The survey made it possible to learn about the expectations of residents. For this purpose, a research walk around the designated area was also organized, as well as a meeting with representatives of social organizations and entrepreneurs. The conclusions were collected at https://www.konkurs-hajnowka.com/. Here you can also find guidelines for architects or urban planners who would like to enter the competition. All those interested are encouraged to read the materials posted here.

Let’s recall what the idea of the New Center of Hajnówka is. We are a post-industrial city that does not have a clear city center. The character of Hajnówka’s development was influenced for decades by the development of the timber industry. However, the collapse of the plants and the loss of its function as an industrial city did not result in a change in the architectural layout. The aforementioned lack of a clear center makes the city unattractive to both residents and tourists. Residents lose their bond with the city, while tourists, in turn, find it difficult to find their way around the current urban layout. The goal of the NCM project is to provide residents with a high quality of life, cultural and economic development of the city, and to give the area a unique character, consistent with the city’s identity.

Zajazd Bartnik - miejsce gdzie powstanie Akademia Przyrody. Plac przy hotelu.

The New Center of Hajnówka is an initiative to transform the city into an attractive, dynamic and friendly place for residents and tourists. Restoring a central location, providing space for various forms of social activity and caring for the environment are key elements of this project. The NCM will also contribute to building a new image of Hajnówka – a city functioning in symbiosis with the surrounding nature, offering exceptional local products and a unique atmosphere.

The results of the competition will form the basis for discussions on the future of the study area, will serve to establish the assumptions of the new local development plan and as an inspiration for future activities and investments in the city center. The award is 50 thousand zlotys. The submitted works will be judged by a jury of professionals in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape design, as well as representatives of the city hall.

The deadline for submitting works is December 5 this year, and the results will be announced on December 18. We plan to hold a discussion and a post-competition exhibition.

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