Simona Kossak the heroine of a mural to be created on a block of flats at 29 Batorego Street Julia Szypulska October 24, 2023


This is the proposal chosen by the residents. The designs were prepared by Mona Tusz, an artist from Katowice, who has already created two other murals in Hajnówka.

The proposals were two. The artist prepared them on the basis of discussions with residents. As a reminder, the first meeting was held in August. It was agreed jointly that the theme of the work would be a herbarium, with mullein appearing as the main motif. During subsequent discussions, there was still a proposal to include Simona Kossak in the mural. A well-known and respected figure, an extremely meritorious promoter of the Białowieża Primeval Forest. The idea appealed to residents, especially since their block of flats is located on the route to Białowieża.


Today (October 24, 2023) an online meeting was held, during which the artist presented two project proposals to those interested. We called them: “Mullein in the bathtub” and “Simona with a moose”.

Simona appears in the company of the animals she took care of: a wild boar, a moose and a raven. The mural also refers to the botanical aspect that Simona dealt with professionally. I wanted to combine plants and animals in my work. I tried not to use a lot of black because I know you don't like it. Only the frame that encloses the image is black, while the background is lighter.

Mona Tusz, author of the mural

I like this proposal. I only suggest that Mrs. Kossak should be given more visibility, because at the moment the elk is in the foreground. And she is a figure very connected with our region.

Mr. Piotr, a resident of the block of flats at Batorego 29

The artist explained that Simona is hidden, but it is to her that the animals come. She was never in the center, she always said that nature was in the center and tried to live in symbiosis with it. However, Mona Tusz promised to try to enlarge the figure of the researcher if possible.

The composition with Simona and the animals is completed with a mullein. As for the artist’s second proposal, the mullein is its main element.

“Mullein in the bathtub” looks more like a typical herbarium. However, residents liked the composition with Simona Kossak, and this one was eventually chosen. This is good news, as the researcher has not been in the city space before.

Mona Tusz will begin work in early November and finish within a month. As we reported, Hajnówka residents can already admire two other murals by her. One decorates an clinic at 10 Pilsudskiego St., while the other decorates a block of flats at 4 Parkowa St. All are the result of the “Hajnówka ReNewal – Green Transformation” project.

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