“Business in my neighborhood”. Students of schools in Hajnówka will promote local companies Julia Szypulska October 27, 2023
Students of Schools in Hajnówka will promote companies

"Business in my neighborhood"

Their task is to create a film, poster or presentation promoting a product, service or company. School meetings have just ended.

The competition is aimed at high school students in Hajnówka and is organized by the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation. During it, young people will learn about the offers and working conditions in local companies. First, during meetings in schools with entrepreneurs. Later during study visits to employers. The result will be competition entries – films, presentations or posters promoting a given company, its products or services.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur, but many young people are very creative and this competition is addressed to them.

Alicja Orzechowska, Podlasie Regional Development Foundation

Seven companies signed up for the project. These are:

  1. District Dairy Cooperative in Hajnówka
  2. PRONAR sp. z o. o
  3. PSS Społem in Hajnówka
  4. KERAJ Logistics sp. z o. o
  5. Buduj.pl sp. z o. o
  6. Runo sp. z o. o
  7. Domlux Market.

We have meetings with entrepreneurs in schools. The representatives explained what their business is, what positions they are looking for candidates for and why it is worth working for them. Students usually asked about specifics related to the competition, for example how long the film should be. However, sometimes they shared interesting facts with company representatives. For example, one of the students of the Vocational School Complex asked if it is true that the name of the company Keraj is an anagram of the word Jarek (name of the owner).

I think that this competition brings great added value and broadens the horizons of young people. Thanks to the meetings, students can gain non-obvious knowledge or be inspired by something that will help them choose their career path.

Alicja Orzechowska, Podlasie Regional Development Foundation

And she remembers a third-grade student at one of the high schools. The girl had a big problem defining what she wanted to do in the future. She didn’t know what field of study to choose. In her case, a meeting with a representative of the OSM in Hajnówka turned out to be helpful, she said: “Everyone has to eat. Think about studies related to the food industry, e.g. nutrition technology, you will have a profession sought on the labor market.” In turn, for someone who likes cooking and is training in this field, it may be helpful to know that PRONAR is not only a machine manufacturer, but also a large canteen for employees and that the company is looking for people to work in the kitchen.

Returning to formal issues related to the competition, interested parties can apply until the end of the month. Later, study visits to companies will start. They will end by November 15. We would like to remind you that there are attractive prizes to be won:


1st place – 4 thousand zloty

2nd place – 3 thousand zloty

3rd place – 2 thousand zloty.


Students have until November 27 to prepare their competition works. The winners will be selected by Internet users’ voting.

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